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Each passing year offers a new stage of learning and development and is a cause for celebration. For Seniors’ Week 2020 (June 1–7), Age Friendly Edmonton hosted a virtual celebration for older Edmontonians to share what they like about growing older. The celebration highlighted the voices of older Edmontonians to show that growing older can—and should—be a positive experience.  


We received so many great stories highlighting the bright side of aging and thank everyone for sharing their wisdom and insights.  


While we believe there are many things to celebrate about growing older, the celebration also highlighted a reality: not everyone experiences aging in the same way. The road to older age can be a difficult one. For example, systemic racism experienced by members of Indigenous, Black and Immigrant, Refugee, and Newcomer communities can make growing older a uniquely challenging experience. 


Age Friendly Edmonton is committed to facilitating healthy aging for all people. In light of current discussions about systemic racism happening across North America, we will continue to maintain this website to compile experiences of growing older—both good and bad—to learn what needs to change for people of all backgrounds to enjoy the gift of older age.  


We will continue to accept stories until August 12.  


To participate, simply submit a photo of yourself and a brief paragraph about what growing older means to you: what you enjoy, what needs to change, and how the greater Edmonton community can support all citizens to age well.  


As a thanks for participating, we're giving the first hundred participants a $5 Tim Horton’s gift card. We have 40 gift cards left. We thank our community partners at Alberta Blue Cross for their sponsorship of the gift cards. Some restrictions apply. See our full release form for full details. 



We are committed to celebrating diversity and making Edmonton a place for all people to enjoy the gift of older age. We are dedicated to making space for Indigenous, Black, Immigrant, Refugee, and Newcomer seniors to share what growing older means to them. 


Embracing growing older, together

Older adults have much to offer through their life experience. We all benefit when older adults are respected, included, and supported. Let's expand the narrative around aging, together to build a more inclusive Edmonton.  

Model release form

I consent to releasing my information, including my name, image, and written story, to the Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council (“ESCC”) for the purpose of communicating about Seniors’ Week, ESCC and Age Friendly Edmonton initiatives, promoting the narratives of older adults in Edmonton, and encouraging conversations around healthy aging.


I understand this information may appear in various media, including print materials, web pages, social media, broadcast programs (including radio and television), and audio-visual presentations. I acknowledge that I have no claim of any sort against the ESCC, their agents, or against anyone accessing the communications materials, whether online or in print.   


In consideration for the rights and release granted to the ESCC, the ESCC agrees to provide you with a Tim Horton’s gift card valued at $5 CAD as remuneration. This agreement allows for one gift card per person. The same person submitting multiple entries is still only eligible to receive one gift card. At this time, we have 100 gift cards to be dispensed on a first come, first served basis.   

ESCC does not guarantee to use all stories received if they do not meet certain criteria. Your submission must include your name, a good quality photo of yourself, and a description about what you enjoy about growing older and/or what needs to change to facilitate healthy aging for all Edmontonians. Submissions that do not meet this criteria will not be accepted and the submitting party will not be eligible to receive a Tim Horton’s gift card. 

Individual: I have read the foregoing and understand its terms and agree to all of them. By completing the web form below, I consent to sharing my story. 


*If you need help completing the web form, contact April at or by calling 780-423-5635 ext. 6. 


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Age Friendly Edmonton is part of the global World Health Organization Age-friendly movement that strives toward a world that enables people of all ages to actively participate in community activities and treats everyone with respect, regardless of their age. 

In 2013, the City of Edmonton and Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council entered into a partnership to join this global movement and actively support the inclusion, diversity and well-being of seniors. Age Friendly Edmonton is striving toward an Edmonton that’s happier, safer, warmer, and friendlier for people of all ages.



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Age Friendly Edmonton is a partnership between the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council.